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Our goal at Ascox Technosoft Solution is to deliver products that earn awards. Our specialty is building outstanding brands. Our goal is to transform your digital environment via innovation, creativity, and change.

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As a custom software and mobile app development firm, we handle incredibly reliable technical Solution for your business requirements. Our partners select us from a wide range of different app development companies due to our depth of knowledge and adaptability. These figures demonstrate that we are a top collaborator in influencing the direction of technology in app development.


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Global web and mobile app development firm Ascox Technosoft Solution has offices in Singapore, India, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates. Being one of the top mobility companies in the world, we are created by the unique combination of creative thinking, a group of motivated individuals, and passion.

With expertise in numerous domains, our team of youthful, dynamic, and enthusiastic professionals is genuinely committed to turning ambitions into thrilling realities and pushing our clients to the pinnacle of optimization. In addition to generating cash for our clients through marketing, we also earn their trust by being incredibly gregarious and clever. .

We promise to provide outstanding customer experiences at a much reduced cost.

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Order your groceries with BUYANDTRY. The application is innovative in tracking your order and improving it.

Case Studies
Ramya Deepa

I had a wonderful experience using BUYANDTRY. It facilitates my quick grocery orders. The app is a terrific experience.

4.8 App Rating
26K+ Download
25K+ Live Users
Five App


EASY DINNER is a best app to book your dine simple and peaceful. Book your dine from your home.

Case Studies
Muhes Revanth

The performance of EASY DINNER has pleased me. I find the application's functions to be quite enjoyable. The app's inventiveness and originality are its best features.

4.7 App Rating
50L Download
27L Live Users
Passport Journeys


FOOD COURT is the best platform to order foods. Heart-healthy meals delivered by hand to your house.

Case Studies

I'm happy to discuss my fantastic experience using the FOOD COURT app.. It helps me to order foods quickly.

4.8 App Rating
30L Download
22.6L Live Users


For those who make pay much, the app is a favorite method to make the payments easily.

Case Studies
Abirami Dharmar

The app's performance is excellent, and the way payment method is very easier than other. Thanks for innovating the super app.

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Web3 Development
Technology The New Technology to Trust

Web 3 is the concept of the next generation of the web, in which most users will be connected via a decentralized network and have access to their own data.

Web3 development refers to the evolution of the World Wide Web, moving beyond the traditional centralized model towards a more decentralized, user-centric, and interoperable internet. Web3 is often associated with blockchain technology, decentralized applications (DApps), and various protocols that enable trustless, peer-to-peer interactions.

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AI App Development
of ThingsAn Interactive Primer

AI app developers should be mindful of ethical considerations, including bias in data, transparency, privacy, and ensuring that AI technologies are used responsibly.

AI app development involves creating applications that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These applications can range from simple chatbots and virtual assistants to more complex Solution like computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning models.

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POS software developement An Enhanced Form of Reality

POS software must comply with relevant regulations and standards, especially those related to data security and financial transactions.

The core functionality of POS software is to process transactions quickly and accurately. This includes handling various payment methods such as credit cards, cash, digital wallets, and others.

Point of Sale (POS) software development involves creating applications that facilitate the transaction process at the point of sale, typically in retail or hospitality settings. These systems help businesses manage sales, inventory, and customer interactions efficiently.

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Ecommerce DevelopmentWhen you listen to your customers, amazing things happen.

The foundation of e-commerce development is the creation of a website or a mobile application that provides a platform for users to browse products, add items to their cart, and make purchases.

E-commerce development involves creating and managing online platforms that facilitate the buying and selling of goods and services over the internet. It encompasses a wide range of activities, from building user-friendly websites or mobile applications to implementing secure payment gateways and managing product catalogs

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We assist large in growing
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Ascox Technosoft Solution delivers seamless app development opportunities to startups and enterprises with modern IT operations integrated into the development approach. With flexible architecture, unified coding standards, and optimized development techniques we build products that resonate with the tech-driven requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

As one of the top mobile app development companies, we nurture your ideas to develop them into a fully-featured app that not only competes in the market but stays ahead of it.

We partnered with startups like WASPHA, BBT, and Pro Fantasy with flexible mobile application development models. Our team of experts is highly trained to pick out the best engagement model, team & approach established on the requirements, time, size, and budget of your project.

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